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Grif Hockey

Custom GRIF Model G Hockey Stick

Custom GRIF Model G Hockey Stick

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*Disclaimer* Your custom stick will take between 6-8 weeks to arrive. We apologize for the inconvenience. We are actively working on finding a faster way to bring you your stick, but do not want to compromise the quality of our product.

Custom GRIF Model G Hockey Stick

-Pick your weight from 335 grams, 350 grams, 375 grams, 400 grams, and 425 grams

-Choose between low, medium, or high kick point

-Grip Finish

-100% 18k Carbon Fiber

-Textured Blade Finish

-60" Measured from top of the shaft to the heel of the blade. Equivalent to a stock height stick

-GRIF Hockey provides a 30 day warranty on all sticks purchased through our website. If your stick breaks within 30 days of arriving please email to see if you are eligible

What is covered?

-Any break from standard gameplay on ice or roller hockey tile

What is not covered?

-Stick Intentionally Broken

-Stick Broken after 30 days of arrival

-Sticks used on unfit surfaces (ex. Concrete)


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      "I love the stick. It has a great feel, is the lightest stick I've used, and has been very durable."

      -Cody Kettler

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      "The design and ordering process with Grif Hockey was very simple and easy. The quality of the jerseys was second to none, they’re very lightweight and reliable."

      -Liam Charlebois

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      “The pants are very lightweight and they have a tapered style fit that keeps snug around your leg which is a huge plus. They’re made the way inline hockey pants should be made.”

      -Mike Kowalczyk

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      "Over the past couple decades I can't remember the last time I used the same sticker company twice. Between poor production, bad color matches, and never on time deliveries, I had all but given up. Luckily, Grifhockey jumped on the scene. Multiple sticker orders later and I can safely say I have my sticker guy."

      -Nick Boyarsky